Alessandra Salinas
will this summer b the same?

The “COLORS SHOW” aficionados will recognize Alessandra Salinas’s name and vocals from her Al-Doms “Til My Heart Stops” feature. But she’s slowly but steadily been charting a path on Tik Tok prior to releasing her debut single “will this summer b the same” in September. There’s infinitesimal amounts of people around the world uploading singing videos online and there’s also a ton of great singers out there, but a voice as strong and pure as Alessandra’s is a rare find to come by.

Reminiscent of Jorja Smith, Alessandra Salinas’ deliciously smoky tone echoes over an elegant finger-picked guitar. In “will this summer b the same”, she captures a youthful yet mature moment of departure, grieving lost love and rebuilding self-worth. With her debut single pulling from her Mexican-Salvadoran heritage, Alessandra Salinas has just dropped the Spanglish cry you didn’t know you needed. You’re here early, and you’ll be hungry for more.

Produced By

Billa Joints

Release Date

September 13, 2023


Galveston, TX

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