Comfort Club
Two Kids In A Trenchcoat

Comfort Club is a visceral songwriter who is able to land deep-cutting lyrics with his delicate delivery. With vocals reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens mixed with saccharine sonics that peak like a sugar rush, Comfort Club is finding a sweet spot in his unique breed of down-to-earth pop.

His latest single “Two Kids In A Trench Coat” is reluctantly romantic with gripping images overlaid an ethereal luster of subtle sonics. Comfort Club taps into the uncertain nature of falling in love while you’re still young. He sings, “So we build Ikea furniture to make this house a home.” Hitting the nail on the head with metaphors, Comfort Club captures the fleeting impermanence of his youth. With breathless harmonies, hollow percussion, and haunting riffs, “Two Kids In A Trench Coat” is something you’ll keep coming back to. Unearthing new lyrical depth that defies the norm, Comfort Club is speaking for himself on this track.

Produced By

Comfort Club

Release Date

January 19, 2024


Los Angeles

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