What U Didn't Know (EP)

Sarina has burst onto the scene fast and turned many a new ears like myself into superfans with her unique voice and infectious melodies. Sarina hails from Silver Spring, Maryland, and takes to expressing the DMV area’s rich R&B culture in her music. A perfect example of that is focus single “Olé”, which fuses Haitian-rooted Konpa and Pop production, making it a perfect mix of genres for any R&B or Afro-Pop fan.

But my personal favorite off of Sarina’s latest EP has to be “What U Didn’t Know,” the title track of the EP itself. It reminds me of a club banger just as catchy and sensual as Tyla’s “Water.” Sarina’s glossy vocals light up the song, making it an absolute joy to the ears of clubgoers and beachgoers when they’re looking for “the one,” just as the lyrics say. Honestly, for everyone’s sake, I hope to have just one ounce of the swagger that Sarina has in the visuals for “What U Didn’t Know.” Who knows, maybe actually learning to dance by listening to Sarina’s music more will help you meet the one this summer. And by you, I might actually mean me.

While many are adding Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Baby” to their summer playlist (warranted that song is super catchy), I highly recommend you check out and add one (or more!) tracks off Sarina’s 6-song long EP. “What U Didn’t Know” is a vibe.

Produced By

Cherry Beetz & Sarina

Release Date

May 3, 2024


Silver Spring, MD

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