Joy Hotchkiss
Something To You

Fashionably Early meet Joy Hotchkiss: the Tampa native and current Belmont University senior who released her third single ever just this past Friday. “Something To You” encapsulates the beautiful nervousness of dreaming of someone, being let down, and the longing before and after such an experience. Through transparent lyrics and vocal ability, Joy understands how to illustrate youthful hope and fear as if it’s straight from a high school rom-com. This track pairs the typical concerns of a teenager with a folky guitar backing and production full of pent-up anxiety to match.

“Something to You” fits with the style of pop-folk-alt songwriters of the 2020s in all the best ways. There’s a hint of Phoebe Bridgers, as if the song is a sweet and naive prequel to the subsequent brokenness growing up can inflict. Joy’s voice cuts through the production with each little inflection making her voice’s timbre convey the same honesty her words do. The song has a pulse, it’s cohesive, and it feels overwhelmingly true to a common experience of taking a leap while knowing the potential to fall.

At only only 500 or so monthly listeners and this song being only Joy’s 3rd released, the journey has only just begun. But with music that’s already this impressively beautiful, it’s only a matter of time before those numbers really ascend. Just remember who put you on first 😉

Produced By

Anderson Krieger

Release Date

May 10, 2024


Tampa, Florida

Spotify Monthly Listeners


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