Noah Henderson
Nothing Worse Than Almost Having You

Noah Henderson is no stranger to pulling on the heart strings where we feel it the most. And he’s done it again with his newest offering “Nothing Worse Than Almost Having You”. The jack of all trades singer/songwriter and producer showcases his emotional writing, gentle melodies, and vulnerable vocals and hits you in the feels with this one.

We are taken on a journey through heart break as Noah Henderson holds our hand through it all. Every word and every inflection sang is so cutting because there is truly nothing worse than almost having something that you want so badly, but can not have.

Noah Henderson has been on a roll with his last two previous singles accumulating over 3.5 million streams together. He is making it his duty to make us feel all the feelings we are to afraid to feel by ourselves. A star in the making. Keep an eye out for him to drop more music this year. Till then go listen to his newest single “Nothing Worse Than Almost Having You”.

Produced By

Noah Henderson

Release Date

May 3rd, 2024


Los Angeles, California

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