Alan Fiore
how to survive

Alan Fiore has been humbly creating and releasing music for the last couple years now. Just a college student by day, hitmaker by night, he’s amassed quite the selection of songs in his catalog but his latest “how to survive” might just take the cake, this song will not leave my head.

I first stumbled upon this gem while scrolling through Instagram, it was simply a post he’d uploaded that was just the screenshot of a notes app entry with the lyrics of the chorus and the 2nd slide a cover of the song. Not even an audio of the song included in the post. That atypical approach to social media really piqued my curiosity and drove me to have to hear it immediately.

I was captivated by the extent of the imagery, as Alan Fiore dives into a melodically moving call out of the struggles of a girl making her way in the world and the challenges she imposes upon herself. My love for imagery in lyricism is nothing new, but so often I see it used in a way that is disjointed, only for the sake of a writer appearing to make their work seem more revolutionary than it actually is. Alan Fiore does it the right way, in a manner that is thorough, comprehensible, energetic but deep, and well-balanced to paint a picture that all can envision and lose themselves in. It has just the right amount of nature and universality that I feel will make it age far better than those who write with excessive imagery to purely capitalize on a trend.

This work is what I want to see more of: lyrics with layers and masterful intention, and production that conveys the complex feeling of the song even if the words disappeared. I am consistently moved by the beauty and quality of “how to survive,” relentlessly sharing with family and friends, and eagerly awaiting more from Alan Fiore.

Produced By

Alan Fiore

Release Date

May 3, 2024


Westport, Connecticut

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