Angelo Mota
damn, i know

We’ve been living up to the Fashionably Early namesake for a while now, long before I was involved and of course, you know we caught wind of this guy Angelo Mota at the very beginning of his journey in music. Which was back in 2016 and his consistently obviously shows, as I sit here 8 years later being truly won over myself as a fan with this banger of a new song. The music back then was already good and he’s got such a worthwhile collection of music to sift through from the past years but he’s only gotten better and better.

When I first heard the intro to the track, “damn, i know,” my first thought was honestly something along the lines of “damn, I know this is gonna be good.” And I was right on the money. Angelo Mota’s gifted lyricism is well on display over an underlying guitar riff that drives the pace throughout the track. “damn, i know” is a bass-heavy, catchy rap song that will likely latch it’s melodic chorus to your hippocampus and have you mumbling it aloud to yourself for at least the rest of the day. If I ever started rapping, I hope it would sound a little something like this song.

While Angelo Mota’s not quite asurely caught my attention with “damn, i know,” as I’m eagerly awaiting the New Jersey native’s next drop. As a New Jerseyan myself, I always have to show love to those from the Garden State, since New Jersey seemingly does not get the rep it deserves! Well done here, Angelo.

Produced By

Angelo Mota & Wam

Release Date

May 10, 2024


West Orange, New Jersey

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