The Bell Jar

When it comes to finding music that really pulls on your heart strings, look no further than Chrissy, and especially on a song named after the existential Sylvia Plath novel “The Bell Jar”, you know that it’s going to be heavy. Atop of the calm feel of a gentle guitar riff, Chrissy provides an airy yet emotive vocal performance. With cutting lyrics dispersed throughout the 2-minute song. “The Bell Jar” is such a vulnerable track complimented with an angelic melody, layered acoustics, and yearning inflections thats truly brings its listeners on a journey that tells a love to tragedy.

On her first release of the year, she’s set the bar high but at least we know there’s plenty more coming soon, according to what she has shared on social media. Surely keep on eye out alongside me for Chrissy and the big year she’s poised to have.

Produced By

Chrissy & Cooper Holzman

Release Date

February 23, 2024


New York, NY

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