Biking With Francis

Garrett “Francis” Sparrow, Joshua “Raw Dog” Warren and Maximilian “Bike” Leonard are the cohorts comprised in your new favorite trio Biking with Francis. The Charlotte natives have not wasted any time creating their own sound since their debut as a group in April of this year. And they’ve had such amazing synergy from the jump; all three artists compliment each other masterfully to put life into any track they do together.

“CERBERUS” is their newest single that show cases melodic flows, witty lines, and charismatic deliveries with an upbeat loop powering the production that shares rich blends of alternative pop and rap. You can hear true influences from some of the biggest genre-bending artist today such as Steve Lacy and Tyler The Creator. While there’s a heap of heat they released this calendar year to comb through once we get you hooked, it’s safe to say to say their best music is very much ahead of them. Be on the look out for Biking With Francis as they plan to release their sophomore EP “BRUNETTE” in early 2024.

Produced By

Garrett Sparrow & Max Leonard

Release Date

December 13, 2023


Charlotte, NC

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