George Pippen
Indiana Knows My Name

Life is all about taking chances and following your dreams. That’s exactly what the tour manager turned artist did. Making a big splash with his debut single, “Indiana Knows My Name” is George Pippen after leaving a career in music management to pursue his true calling an an artist.

This is what good music is all about. “Indiana Knows My Name” doesn’t just feel like vibrations through the airwaves. It serves as a time machine and takes you somewhere. It takes you home. It’s that nostalgic respite from the dream chasing and going back to where it all started. George Pippen’s evocative offering shares a calm vulnerability with a lively sound that you can’t help but sing at the top of your lungs.

George Pippen is a star in the making. He is someone we should all be keeping an eye on. Don’t be late, let us be the ones to help you get party early. George Pippen is up next.

Produced By

Christian French & Robert D'Andrea

Release Date

May 31, 2024


Carmel, Indiana

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