The Underachievers – The Lords of Flatbush [EP Review]

the lords of flatbush


The Underachievers are a new group that’s been receiving some significant hype since they came out with their first mixtape, Indigoism, earlier this year.  I thought that it was a decent mixtape, but definitely a little bit overrated.  The beats were good and, from a technical standpoint, the rapping was good, but the lyrics left something to be desired and it was somewhat inconsistent.  Regardless, they immediately struck me as a group with potential.  They’re new to the rap game and they’re young, so they could easily improve their skills, as well as their ability to make a consistent release.  When I heard of this EP, I knew that I had to check it out.  It’s only eight songs long, so I figured that it was bound to be more consistent than Indigoism.  On top of that, my only friend who I discuss hip hop with told me that it’s really good.  So, I gave if a few listens and, unfortunately, I’m not really feeling it.  There’s a significant amount of trap rap influence in the production, but it’s not that special by trap rap standards.  There are a lot of good ideas at work with these beats; they have a spacey sound, reminiscent of the beats on Indigoism and I could see them taking that sound to awesome levels in the future.  However, it doesn’t quite work here.  These beats are decent, but definitely not as good as the beats on Indigoism.  As far as their rapping goes, they’re not much different than on Indigoism.  If anything, they’re a little bit better this time around; I’ll give them that.  However, I’m still not too impressed with their lyrics.  For the most part, I end up zoning out what they’re saying and just listening to their flows.  There are a couple of songs in which they show some lyrical improvement, such as “Melody of the Free,” my favorite song on the EP.  I also enjoy “Leaving Scraps” and “N.A.S.A.”  As for the other five songs, I don’t like any of them and I don’t dislike any of them.  I lean more towards liking them than disliking them, since I consider them to be easily listenable, but I’m pretty disappointed that they don’t stand out more.  In my opinion, this EP is not as good as their mixtape.  However, I still haven’t given up on them.  I hear a lot of potential in their music and I’m desperately hoping that they act on it before their hype completely dies off.

Rating: 3/5

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