Swae Lee Announces Rae Sremmurd’s New Album ‘SremmLife 3’ Is Due Out In January

Swae Lee was among the many performers on the bill for Rolling Loud’s festival in Los Angeles this weekend and Revolt TV caught up with Swae for some content for their social media accounts backstage. Swae Lee, one half of the brotherly Rae Sremmurd duo revealed to cameras during this that the group’s next album SremmLife 3 would be coming in January. Now i’m going to break this down a bit more because we can’t take every word as bond.

Typically, Rae Sremmurd hasn’t been able to release albums without a popping single. Their last album SremmLife 2 was pushed back initially because of that reason. January’s only a month away and the only single the duo has out is “Perplexing Pegasus“. The song’s been out since August and while it hasn’t done bad, it’s by no means a hit. I’m not quite sure Interscope will release this new album without a buzzing single, thus i’m definitely skeptical that this album will actually release in January but it’s surely still possible. Or perhaps there’s a single lined up to drop right at the beginning of the new year.

I’m mainly pointing this out because an artist’s word from unstructured setting is often times not thought through. Surely Swae and his whole camp want to release the album in January and it’s done and ready to go but there’s typically more to putting out an album than that. There’s only a few certain superstar artists that can go to their record label and tell them I want to put this new music out right now and be able to do it. There’s usually a bit of bargaining between an artist and his label on when the music actually comes out and this January date simply feels like this is when Swae wants it released but it’s not set in stone. Even if that’s true, we can 100%, certifiably expect SremmLife 3 in the coming couple of months.