Madeintyo Announces His Debut & ‘Final’ Album

Madeintyo has become a household name thanks to his breakout record ‘Uber Everywhere’ and subsequent hits ‘Skateboard P’ and ‘I Want’. Though he’s released three retail projects, he hasn’t dropped his proper debut album yet. It appears as if that is going to change this year. Last night, Madeintyo took it to Twitter to announce his debut album. Surprisingly, the news that he plans to stop dropping music after the album drops was revealed as well. Madeintyo says he plans on dropping his debut album and move to Japan. Rappers love to say that they are done dropping music but you never know somebodies plan in life. Madeintyo says he’s already done things he never thought he could and that he can feed his family for the rest of his life. That’s more than enough reason to do what he wants.

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