Arcy Drive
Roll My Stone

When I first came across Arcy Drive eight months ago through a viral Tik Tok I was immediately hooked by the non-chalant yet confident style they portrayed and the chemistry between them that you could feel through the screen. While artists go viral on Tik Tok every day, Arcy has developed a cult like following and converted followers into real fans in a way almost no new artists have done, and are now on a cross country tour in a half working bus around the country to play for the fans they’ve gathered in over 20 cities across the country all while documenting it and making you feel like a part of the tour with them.

They finally released their debut single “Roll My Stone”, which is a breath of fresh air in a very saturated market of new music. The track opens up immediately with captivating vocals and builds into a masterpiece of a debut record that takes inspiration from the likes of Sticky Fingers, the Districts, & more. While many bands in this indie rock lane often come across as noticeably lacking in production value or lyrics when compared to successful acts, “Roll My Stone” sounds like a polished hit record that could resonant with millions of people.

Produced By

Arcy Drive

Release Date

July 15, 2022


Long Island, New York

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