Will Swinton
All For You

I don’t precisely remember how I first came across New Zealand native Will Swinton, but I do remember being absolutely blown away once I heard his voice. Especially seeing what Will looked like first and then after listening to “Let It Go”, it really took me by surprise to hear this gruff, deeper voice, that really exuded a real charisma and flow right from the get go.

That was his first ever release, and now a year later of dropping one other song and honing his craft, Will is gearing up to take that next step. After couch surfing in LA and recording out of his bedroom in New Zealand over the time, he’s put together an EP that’s coming in the Fall. Now being the perfect time to get familiar with the beautifully voiced newcomer with a whole bundle of more music on the way if you like what you hear. There’s absolutely hints of artists like Post Malone in his sound, but Will is really finding his own pocket, and it makes it especially distinct when you’re getting all kinds of influences in the production, harmonicas and all.

Produced By

Will Swinton & Rory Noble

Release Date

July 1, 2022


Auckland, New Zealand

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