Zoe Ko – Til U

Everyone loves a song about bittersweet romantic tension. You love them, I love them, and even your neighbors love it – especially when they hear you scream “drivers license” for the thousandth time in the shower. Despite our definitely universal experiences and love for those caught in the throes of passion – few artists are able to break the barrier and deliver unique tracks with something interesting to say. Nobody knows as well as me how oversaturated the ‘overly pessimistic pop starlet’ market is, but thankfully today I get to introduce you to Zoe Ko – a songwriting powerhouse who effortlessly pairs vulnerable candor and sage wisdom beyond her years.

You might recognize Zoe from her debut single “Line” which landed Fresh Finds Pop – but today she’s gearing up to do some sort of WWE combo move to your brain with “Til U” – a bop that is somehow more positive and negative than the track that preceded it. Everyone loves a song with a complex emotional register. You love them, I love them even more – and luckily Zoe Ko delivers listener emotions at a magnitude so extreme that I, age 24, am reminiscing on my middle school romances as I write this. From Zoe’s hypnotic vocal layers to the sleek electro-pop mix, I feel like I could write a novel about all the things I like about “Til U” – but I’ll spare you and stop here. Enjoy me gracing you with this song on a silver platter (a Fash Post), and keep Zoe Ko on your radar as we conclude the final act of summer and enter cuffing season.

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