Nathan Archie
hurt me enough

Tik Tok was already making its undeniable insertion into culture and the music industry before the pandemic hit in 2020, but those initial quarantines sped things up exponentially and got people making videos of everything under the sun to post on the app. But few trends took off quite like the flock of talented singers/songwriters taking their talents to Tik Tok. Nathan Archie’s an artist I recall finding somewhere in 2020, and like a host of others he was a clearly talented young kid with a great voice, attracting a real following by singing covers and perfecting their craft while doing it. But quickly the space of Tik Tok singers got exceedingly crowded, yet Nathan’s voice always stood out and stood the test of keeping and cultivating an eager fanbase that’s been waiting for this day that’s now right here in front of us.

The debut song “Hurt Me Enough”, produced by the legendary Al Shux of “Empire State of Mind” fame (amongst many other hits and songs you love), sets the tone perfectly. It’s an airy, simple, piano-laden beat that leaves plenty of space for Nathan to do what he does best, and that’s croon with a soulfully-tinged voice in tuck that gets pretty as he further lays his heart out on this song. Add this to that in my feels type of playlist you’ve got, or i’m sure you’ll be finding it on the Spotify & Apple editorial playlists of the sort shortly.

Produced By

Al Shux & Nathan Archie

Release Date

October 20, 2022


Indianapolis, IN

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