Tala Silva
Call Back

It’s something that can’t be even be taught at Juilliard or Berklee, but having a natural sounding, infectious, charisma on record is easily one of the most important factors for an artist. And that charisma exudes through Tala Silva’s latest release “Call Back” like a river flows down stream.

The Chicago area native has definitely found her knack and her sound on the fun, quirky new song. With Steve Lacy-esque riffs carrying the production, it’s tough to not bop your head along with this one. The bevy of different flows and deliveries and Tala just having all around great voice have kept this song in rotation since I first heard it a month or so ago.

Safe to say we’re eagerly anticipating what 2023 has in store for a new face with boundless potential.

Produced By

Tala Silva

Release Date

November 25, 2023


Chicago, IL

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