home for now

Sometimes an indie-type song doesn’t need a grandiose bridge or ending. Sometimes the best are an arrow going in a familiar, linear direction, and that’s “home for now” by Jojomber. The Ohio raised, NYC based artist satisfies that itch in your brain that craves of indie-folk-pop simplicity. The one that takes many scratches to get right until you find it.

“home for now” feels bitterly warm- it’s as if you’re happy with moving on, and wouldn’t change it, but something about you hangs on to the past by the slow peeling sticker factor of it. It feels like cautious optimism with a disguised smile.

The lyrics feel parallel to the plot-line of many college students- moving out, being confused about it, and then questioning every unrequited situation in their lives. The mellow production, brittl-y-angelic vocals, and bittersweet lyrics of “home for now” are a perfect trio.

Cannot wait to see what this Yellow Springs grown artist has in store for 2023 and beyond.

Produced By

Theo Hoffstrom, Jojomber

Release Date

May 10, 2023


Yellow Springs, OH

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