Come Over

Somewhere in the UK right now, there’s an artist named LowkeyBaitss making bangers straight from her bedroom. LowkeyBaitss sounds like the more experimental, underground version of PinkPantheress; she blends bedroom pop with dance and electronic subgenres to produce high-pitched anthems for all the digital Y2K princesses of the world. Her song “Come Over” on her latest project So What is an Afrobeats-infused track that has you feeling like an island girl dancing on a beach, one tequila shot away from texting your booty call. Just like the rest of her music, the song is cute, catchy, and flirty – deserving of a solid spot on your rotation playlist this summer.

LowkeyBaitss is a true representation of the new-age internet artist: making music purely for fun, embracing experimentation with sound, embodying the DIY aesthetic, and not taking anything too seriously. At this stage, it’s hard to find anything about her background online, besides the fact that she’s from somewhere in the UK. The only platform she has a consistent presence on is TikTok, where she shares a mix of playful song teasing, everyday trends, and relatable thoughts that warrant a “she’s just like me fr” comment. Despite this lighthearted approach to her career, LowkeyBaitss is rapidly forging a path of her own and succeeding in making audiences fall in love with her – through her witty humor, alluring energy, and above all else, shining talent.

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April 26, 2023



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