Body Language

It feels overlooked in comparison to some other genres, but Tik Tok has drastically changed the genre of R&B as well. We’ve seen some massive successes in the last couple of years, through artists like Realestk and chase shakur and ChikoRuss could very easily be the next to really have a moment.

Teasing his debut song “Body Language” a couple months prior to it even dropping, ChikoRuss built some real momentum behind this brilliantly executed tune. And in perfect timing as it really evokes groovy, summer energy and sonically feels more apt with R&B of the 90s and 00s more than with the current day and that retro flair along with a picturesque voice have had the newcomer really seeing quick success. The song’s quickly approaching 1 million streams on Spotify alone in just 3 weeks since it was officially releases and Chikoruss is only just getting started.

Produced By

No1elsebutrico & Minowaves

Release Date

May 17, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

Spotify Monthly Listeners


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