David Alexander
Worst Case

Pop excellence. If there’s one thing David Alexander has mastered, it’s that. The flourishing songwriter, producer, and artist has a thing for somehow making the perfect hook each time- it’s as simple as that, and it’s been true ever since we first heard his second ever released “Heartbeat” back in early 2021.

“Worst Case,” his newest release, dives into themes of a “so what,” carefree attitude, and a glass half-full mentality merging with the concept of love. David is no stranger to curating songs that extend past general relatability, it goes as far as being shocked at how he analyzed your personal life in the span of a few minutes- a skill of engaging understandability.

David’s songwriting cards are one of the most wanted decks right now, and it’s evident with not only “Worst Case” but every song in his discography. “Worst Case” highlights a perfect pop template, with his distinct-strong vocals, lustrous melodies, and of course, exemplary lyricism. David is definitely one to watch not only in ’23, but beyond!

Produced By

Austin Armstrong, David Alexander & David Schaeman

Release Date

June 2, 2023


Denver, CO

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