Brave Is Better

Virginia native, and NYC based Safa is coming in strong with her newest release, “Brave Is Better”. The singer, songwriter and producer has a way with vocal stacks, harmonization, and tone that will undoubtedly have the dopamine receptors in your brain firing. Pure sticky music.

Safa’s story-telling is the perfect backdrop for anyone’s “summer-fling-y” summer. Her infectious runs, as well as her silky cadence and tone create a sonic environment fit for driving, listening while you walk, to sitting back with friends. In no way is her music casual, but rather relaxed and a way to gather your thoughts in a stress-free environment, the perfect accompaniment for any music-listening session or playlist.

Safa’s voice brings a reassurance, and ease that cannot be replicated, nor taught. The contemporary take of ethereal in her music feels fresh, and a great way to start off the summer. With “Brave is Better” only being her fourth song released out into the world, things are only just getting started for Safa and we are so excited to see her grow.

Produced By

remdolla & Safa

Release Date

June 30, 2023



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