Jaswiry Morel

The epidemic of making a popular genre, “alt” has swooped Spotify editorial playlist-aiming type songs by storm. Suddenly a few more minor chords, unexpected distortion, and overly-honest lyricism is coined as “alt” this, or “alt” that. However, alternative to me isn’t about how many saturation pedals can fit onto one loop of a guitar sample, nor the over-bearing but witty lyrics you can fit into a verse, it’s about grabbing a genre, completely alternating it to your personalized take on it, and making something that achieves more than an editorial aim, and Jaswiry Morel displays exactly that with the RnB genre in her latest drop “Jaded”.

The Bronx native never shy’s from showing off her remarkable vocal tone. It’s silkiness glides incredibly smoothly in all of her tracks, but particularly “Jaded”. Bitter themes meshed with moody production, and Jaswiry’s voice, come together to form an alt-RnB anthem. Jaswiry feels like the template for what singer’s in the genre hope to achieve. Her lyricism is a gem as well. Can’t wait to see where she goes in ’23 and beyond.

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June 2, 2023


Bronx, NY

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