Addicted to the pollen, jite buzzes about the “flowerboy” that’s been on her mind. Every time he’s around, she feels like the glitter on her eyelids. Drawing great inspiration from Tyler, The Creator’s fifth studio album Flower Boy, she also takes an Orion Sun approach with her latest release. Soaking in the vulnerability and simplicity of being in love, listeners are either vicariously living through jite’s love life or relating to it. 

“flowerboy” perfectly highlights the characteristics of unconditional love – soft, sweet, and safe. The warm drumming patterns and beautiful strumming of electric guitars perfectly align with the lovely vocals provided by jite. Using nature and sugary goods to describe this type of love has listeners absorbing the imagery within her lyrics. This song is every hopeless romantic’s dream, and leaves us wondering where we can find out own flowerboy. 

With her original music available on streaming platforms as of this year, her first release takes a more hyper-pop direction in comparison to “flowerboy”. jite’s ability to be versatile with her sound has us falling more in love with her after every listen.

Produced By

Cowboy Lansky & Jack Kleinick

Release Date

November 3, 2023


Los Angeles

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