Latrell De'Sean

21-year-old Dallas native Latrell De’Sean Latrell De’Sean started to pick up some steam on Tik Tok this spring once he started teasing a new song of his called “45”; a really stripped back tune that really caught on because of how beautifully and emotionally his voice cut through. There’s a fuller produced, studio version alternatively that he released a few months later as well.

This song creates all sorts of emotions as it tells the story of gun violence and the chaotic times that have caused young people to have an internal conflict about wanting to protect themselves, but also acknowledging the harm that gun violence causes and the prevalence of it in society right now.

Latrell has been releasing music since 2021. Taking influence from artists like Lil Wayne to Kanye and more, it is evident the variety that Latrell is capable of. He mixes rap and R&B with his vocal and rapping skills, along with his ability to story tell through his lyrics. And this is definitely just the start for De’Sean, we’re sitting on the edge of our seats for what’s to come and especially from the Tik Tok preview sound of it, it looks like he’s got another one with “Doja” that’s dropping December 1st.

Produced By

Chris Chem

Release Date

September 22, 2023


Dallas, TX

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