Cam Rao

Torn between comfort and constraint in love and life in general, Cam Rao brings a track that hits almost too well, especially considering this is only his third solo single ever. But of course, Cam’s not just completely new to making and performing music. He’s a Yalie so you know his brain’s built different, he’s a tenor saxophonist and a jazz band MVP so you know his fingering game different but add to the long resume a multitude of strengths he’s showing off here as a solo artist on newest song “HOLD ME”.

A track that perfectly conveys the rollercoaster feeling of being stuck and wanting something so bad, but it just isn’t working. Straddling the line of being controlled by love and anxious of being alone, you can feel the raw emotion Cam Rao delivers in “Hold Me”. Coming in with a broad and smooth vocal range, he controls this energetic track filled with deep lyrics opening to us about a love that has him wrapped up. Bringing an energy similar to The Strokes, he starts it off with a bouncy intro into an addicting track and a hook that ties the whole thing together. Cam Rao is someone that we all should have in the daily playlist, with more music coming soon and the infectious energy he brings to his songs, I believe his career is about to take off.

Produced By

Paco Lee

Release Date

October 27, 2023



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