Bayker Blankenship
Maxed Out

There’s a new charming voice coming to the country music scene and his name is Bayker Blankenship. The Livingston, Tennessee native has got an undeniable sound and he’s only two releases in. His latest release “Maxed Out” came out last Friday and has already mounted over 50,000 streams in less than a week. And of course the kickstarter was the 100k+ following he’s amassed over the past few months on Tik Tok.

Bayker’s soothing yet passionate voice is the driver behind his vocals, from heartbreak and drinking problems to trouble with the law, he perfectly describes being “Maxed Out” on life. With both of his releases bringing a soulful and pure sound it’s easy to see that he’s got something special. Drawing comparisons online to the likes of Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan, it’s safe to say if you like country music you will love Bayker. If he continues going at this trajectory Bayker Blankenship will surely be a name to remember.

Produced By

Joe Costa

Release Date

April 19, 2024


Livingston, Tennessee

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