Passion Mango

Inspired by the power couple of passionfruit and mango, we’ve got a new band out of Vancouver to put you onto with Tik Tok and Instagram reels virality approval; whose latest release “boy” off to a fiery hot start. Over 300,000 streams in the 19 days since it was released to be precise. Drawing inspiration from artists like Title Fight, King Krule, and many others, Passion Mango takes you through the tougher side of love. Bringing a chilling guitar melody with soft and emotional vocals this song gives such a comforting and nostalgic feeling it just carries you away. The band of 5 released a snippet to “boy” a few weeks prior to release on Tik Tok and it now has over a million views and many others using the sound, which of course sparked the lightning pace this song’s been off to.

All of their catalog so far comes from this year with 7 singles and 2 albums Passion Mango is keeping their foot on the gas for their fans. Within their other releases you can see the versatility the band has, giving you songs for sad times all the way to sunny days. With their consistent releases and their latest release gaining the traction it deserves, you definitely need to check out Passion Mango.

Produced By

Connor Wilkinson

Release Date

November 22, 2023


Vancouver, Canada

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