Collins Beach
By Surprise

Anacortes, Washington – home to humpback whales, small-town charm, and attractions. However, one of the town’s hidden gems can’t be found on a sightseeing excursion. Lucky for you, we’re here to guide you towards Collins Beach ourselves.

Reminiscing the melancholy of heartbreak, four-piece band Collins Beach takes us “By Surprise” on a trip down memory lane. The track starts slowly with isolated guitar riffs and gentle vocals. You’re fastening your seatbelt as the tempo of the track increases, the instruments rise in volume, and the vocals get raspier. The soothing melodies contrast the intense musical breakdowns, creating genuine musical experiences with every stream. Every little detail, from their lyricism to their background harmonies layered underneath the track, is executed perfectly.

Taking a Backseat Lovers approach with their discography has listeners fully immersing themselves into their folk and indie-rock sound. With just finishing up recording their EP “Walk These Streets”, we can’t wait to hear more of Collins Beach.

Produced By

Collins Beach

Release Date

December 1, 2023


Anacortes, WA

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