Savanna Leigh
unfamiliar / like i used to

Everything around Savanna Leigh feels foreign. Moving from Florida to Nashville, she is left wishing she hadn’t spent her teenage years so desperate to grow up. Staring at old photographs of herself, she is unfamiliar with the person looking back at her. She was so focused on crossing the finish line, she lost a sense of who she used to be – innocent.

Savanna Leigh gives me hope for the future of music. Everything about her music and her as a person is authentic. Take 5 minutes and 16 seconds out of your busy day to stream these two songs, and you’ll see her music speaks for itself. Not only can you hear her authenticity through her angelic voice and vulnerable lyrics, but the seamless blend of light drumming and electric guitars perfectly captures the nostalgic feeling she’s singing about.

In a landscape that’s more crowded than ever with budding artists trying to crack the code, Savanna’s viscerally authentic stories and passionate music really ought to get her bubbling towards the surface, above the crowd of artists around her.

Produced By

John The Dropout

Release Date

January 30, 2024


Nashville, Tennessee

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