Sophie Cates
i don't see you (how i used to)

Stuck in a cycle of mourning her relationship, Sophie Cates gazes out her window and notices the thick fog has cleared. The crisp, fresh air rejuvenates her soul after years spent emotionally suffocating from her manipulative partner. The suppressed memories resurface and storm over every fond memory. The anger within her turns into relief. As she undergoes this transformation, she untangles the knots on her own and unravels a new sense of clarity. She doesn’t see him like she used to.

Sweeping away the leftover debris from heartache, Sophie finally embraces the freedom and emotional liberation that comes with a breakup. Sophie’s experimental take on pop music is sonically pleasing. The background vocals, buttery drumming patterns, and punching guitar riffs bring this release to life. Through her lyrics, she displays her vulnerable story with us – as if ripping out pages from her personal diary. Her ability to shed light on dark moments leaves listeners re-inspired to travel down the road of self-exploration.

Loyal fans are eager for the release of Sophie’s 12-track project SUPERNOVA, which comes out next year. She will hit the road for her four-date tour, making pit stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Illinois, and New York. We can’t wait to hear more of Sophie Cates going into the new year.

Produced By

Zack Michel

Release Date

December 15, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

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