Sexy Lady

Indiana-based artist Lucaa is coming correct this year. He dropped a boatload of music last year, really just finding his footing and his sound with but his newest song “Sexy Lady” my just be his best yet.

I love the jazzy soulful instrumental on this one it reminds me a lot of Thundercat’s production. Lucaa’s vocals are adjacent to that of an Omar Apollo when he utilizes a ton of high vocal inflections but at times he can almost sound like a cross between a Riovaz and greek. In my opinion, Lucaa’s strength comes from his versatility as a singer. This could easily allow for a transition into an RnB/Neo-soul style which is where I believe he could really start to take off.

This is the type of song you could play over and over again on a summer day with no complaints. It has been in my consistent rotation for the past few days and I’ll definitely be doing a deep dive into his catalog soon. There is no doubt Lucaa has a ton of talent and we are excited to see how he continues to develop his sound in the future.

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February 2, 2024



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