Rich Mid Kids

Hanging out the roof and hiding from the cops, boyliteg is high off an adrenaline rush. Undergoing a metamorphosis from his former artist name “Isaiah Flowers”, his new sound and look challenges modern-day music. His alternative noise has us running around and getting in trouble with him. Are you joining us or are you going to call your mom to pick you up because you’re scared?

Growing up in a tight-knit community in Texas, boyliteg found it difficult to relate to his local music scene. Instead, he rebelled against the conformity of having to fit in. The fast-paced tempo and quick transitions within the song showcases the angst he is trying to portray and how situations can go from 0 to 100 real quick. You have to be on your toes because you don’t know what’s coming next. The layering of distorted guitar riffs, loud vocals, and catchy drumming beats is perfectly executed. We can already picture the sweaty moshpits to this song.

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Release Date

January 10, 2024


San Antonio, TX

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