j solomon

j solomon brings Fresh Finds: Folk to real time with his latest single, “Cohabitate”. An ode to a partner, “Cohabitate” reflects on intricate details, metaphorical nicknames, and at heart, is a ballad of found romanticism.

If there is one thing j solomon is good at, it’s writing romantic folk and lyrics with cause. He doesn’t add a line because it’s a line, he adds the lyric in because it serves purpose. He has mastered the skill of lyrical brevity, and taste- which is so easily found through his words.

j solomon is the perfect amount of honest. He stays authentic to him, but also lends you a canvas throughout the duration of “Cohabitate” that lets you paint the picture in which direction you want to go in. The elegant, plucked guitar serves as a perfect bedrock for the ethos of the song, which is simply confession (of love). So excited to see what he gets up to in 2024.

Produced By

Garrett Hall

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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