If you’re a fan of Tems or Summer Walker, I have no doubt that you’re going to love Nigerian born, Toronto raised Osé. She’s been releasing music since 2020 but still the sample size of music out is relatively small; taking her time, getting better and better with each subsequent release and it’s no doubt that she’s reached a new peak in 2024 with her new single “JJC”. Named after the Nigerian slang term “Johnny Just Come” used to describe a naive person, Osé uses this phrase to vividly paint that she most certainly is not a JJC.

With “JJC” Osé captivates listeners with her effortlessly suave, trancelike vocals. The soothing quality of the overall song makes it fit for sedentary auditory listens just as well as lively, dancing-around listens. All the while waxing poetic on her sense of self-control. Don’t doubt Osé, for she is not afraid to grab scissors and cut off loose ends.

Produced By

L. Jean

Release Date

January 26, 2024


Toronto, Canada

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