Creative Differences

Having a creatively different sound from the typical Southern California indie-rock demographic has opened doors of opportunities for this Orange County-based band. From warehouses and backyard shows to small festivals and sold-out venues, Creative Differences spread their “Wings” in their latest release as they steer more into a hyper-pop direction in comparison to their previous alternative discography.

“Wings” perfectly showcases the vulnerability and chaos that comes with heartbreak. The track consists of building momentum, and the sonically appealing effects of the climax. It starts off slow with melodic vocals, provided by lead singer Ryan Peterson, layered on top of beautiful piano keys. The tempo increases with the introduction of contrasting synths and drumming patterns throughout the song. After three minutes and thirteen seconds, listeners are left swerving, hitting curbs, and regressing – they are essentially falling in love.

It’s fair to say this single is a turning point for Creative Differences. Experimenting with their sound, the four-piece band is able to showcase their ability to be versatile with their musical composition. The beautiful transitions throughout the song leave listeners addicted to this intriguing blend of noise, and desiring more. With gained support through social media platforms, Creative Differences toured the nation twice this year – and even made a stop in Canada. We can’t wait to witness them grow as artists with their upcoming projects!

Produced By

Ryan Peterson & Larson McDonald

Release Date

November 10, 2023


Orange County, CA

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