Biking With Francis

Wasting no time bringing the heat in 2024 is Biking With Francis with their sophomore EP “BRUNETTE”. Biking With Francis all started back when Garrett and Max started college with plans to make music together. Garrett was working on his first album, which birthed the name and alter ego “francis.” Max had just finished a song called “bike.” While the two were brainstorming a joint email address name and “label” name to release music under, inspiration sparked for “Biking With Francis.” Their new project consists of 6 energetic tracks that share rich blends of rap and alternative pop that also includes their most recent single “CERBERUS” that dropped this past December.

The most pivotal track on the new project for Biking With Franics is “FLOAT” a song created when Biking with Francis’s took their first ever trip to LA in December 2023 to finish the EP and became inspired to create new songs for the project. “FLOAT” is a story, told over tight drums, hypnotizing electric guitar, and ear candy that keeps listeners intrigued. Building on the momentum from “CERBERUS” & other singles, Biking With Franics constantly have been promoting their music on TikTok and Instagram nonstop, where their unique sound and distinct visuals have caught the attention of fans and listeners everywhere.

Produced By

Biking With Francis

Release Date

January 26th, 2024


Charlotte, NC

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