Hellen Elizondo @hellenmadeitt

Not much is known about tarnisher – that is, unless you might have heard through the grapevine of their previous music alias. With a clean, blank slate, the Brooklyn based artist has crafted two really high quality tracks, and his latest single, “vampire,” is a lush dive into a grab-bag blend of influences. The self-produced single would probably be labeled as indie rock if it was required, but there are some really nice moments with some electronic stutter effects, and tarnisher’s voice effortlessly glides through a sticky melody into a chorus that feels more pop leaning than anything else.

tarnisher is undoubtedly talented, building vintage 2000’s indie rock soundscapes and playfully balancing with touches of glitch and pop. With two songs under his belt, tarnisher feels fully in control of his aesthetic, soundscape, and his output. Until we’re able to get a full body of work, I’ll have “vampire” on heavy rotation until then.

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Release Date

March 6, 2024


Brooklyn, New York

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