Rex & The Rhythm

Rex & The Rhythm grew up in Barbados with an undeniable affinity for music from the young age of 9, where he first found himself behind a drum kit. Previously a part of the Caribbean pop group Cover Drive, Rex has opened for icons among the likes of Ashanti, Rihanna, and Lauryn Hill. Now embarking on his own journey as a solo project, Rex & The Rhythm is bringing his Barbados roots to the scheme of alt hip-hop and R&B.

His freshly released single “Umbrella” plays tug-of-war with my attention. I still can’t decide if I am more caught up on the subliminal verses or the hard-hitting hook at the chorus. You can tell he’s a drummer by the rolling undercurrents of percussion that swim beneath his dopamine-drenched riffs. Written about a relationship that ended unexpectedly which Rex compares to a storm rolling in despite the forecast, “Umbrella” is a poignantly relatable track that reminds everyone of someone who broke their heart.

Rex is a multi-instrumentalist with no shortage of skills, as proven by his resume. Rex & The Rhythm however, is his chance to step forward as a defining lyricist and unforgettable voice in modern R&B.

Produced By

Rex & The Rhythm

Release Date

March 22, 2024


Los Angeles, California

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