Fashion and music often go hand in hand, even our name proves it. And both creative avenues have been a huge part of Duchi’s story and career. Formerly DuchiDaVinci, the Pittsburgh native has been chasing his music dreams since the late 2010s, which led him into modeling work, while never giving up the music. He recently chopped his stage name in half and turned over a new leaf, channeling all his energy into this brand new EP.

Duchi’s new MADAM EP is an intoxicating reverie on the darkness within and the chase to climb higher. It’s Duchi’s world, growing stronger with each track and possessing an unrivaled confidence that feeds into his assertive lyrics. Bursting with distorted electronics that land like a lucid dream, and plunging beats, MADAM is a cold-hearted love letter to his true self.

There’s an undeniable appeal to Duchi that goes hand-in-hand with the oversaturated luxury that’s inherently a part of this EP. From the album cover drenched in fur and gold to his fierce fifth track “Can’t get enough”, Duchi notes on chasing desire that’s just out of reach. It’s a dichotomy of having it all and still wanting more.

“Come & See” is another high point on the project opening with a menacing bed of riffs that unfolds over punchy beats and ascending vocals. His closer “Weatherman” is a heat-wave swimming with unavoidably catchy lyrics and that signature Duchi charisma. MADAM marks the beginning of a new era for Duchi as he explores the pressures of rising fame and hunger for more in the midst of a beautiful world.

Produced By

Marcus Charles, Brandon Arreaga, MarcAndre, Jaron White & Duchi

Release Date

May 17, 2024


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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