Running Shoes

AVIV is a Toronto-based teenage artist with a longstanding history here at Fash. From the original snipe in 2020 when Trixx discovered her nostalgic track “Frontlawn” to Carter Fife’s 2021 review of “Black Coffee”, AVIV has been on our radar since the beginning. Her latest single “Running Shoes” keeps the same effortless integrity she’s always had with vivid windows inside her coming-of-age arch. Written about a first love that feels like an escape, AVIV muses on an intensely devoted connection cut straight from the cloth of teenage extremity. This track feels like the momentary bliss and breathlessness that follows a full-fledged sprint. Filled with lofty acoustics, crystalline notes of piano, and a vocal that glides without resistance like skates on ice, “Running Shoes” is as easy as it gets. Through the years, AVIV continues to evolve and doesn’t force growth. She rather knows herself unequivocally, allowing her to express in a way that is pure and honest. It’s what keeps us coming back to her and leaves us wanting more.

Produced By

Robbie Lackritz

Release Date

September 22, 2023


Toronto, Canada

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