Bunny Lowe
Past Present Future

The name Bunny Lowe may still be pretty new but the artist formerly known as Cara Salimando has been writing and creating music ever since she was 10 years old. Her music career has been a roller coaster ride. In the days before research and the internet took over A&R, she was discovered as a teenager playing her original music in a local taco bar. Which lead to her signing a record deal with Universal Motown and releasing her debut EP ‘Dust‘ in 2010. As the majority of major label signings witness, things didn’t quite work out which lead Salimando into working so more behind the scenes as a writer.

Salimando landed early placements on albums from Cheryl and Matt Duke in 2012 and after a couple years away, she really began to cement herself within the industry with co-writing credits on Sabrina Carpenter’s debut album in 2015. It really helped open the door for a bountiful resume to follow, which included her writing notable songs for Dua Lipa, Ke$ha, Bea Miller, Hayley Kiyoko, RL Grime, Clean Bandit, Alina Baraz and more.

But of course, paving her own path as an artist allows Salimando to tell her own stories and make music that way she wants to and truly show off all the talent she has to offer in a much more demonstrative way. And her newest single “Past Present Future” is such a perfect emotive song that really recounts her whole journey as not only an artist but as a person. It charts her transformation from the good girl who would “Part my hair like a schoolgirl, straight, down the middle.” into the Bunny Lowe that we have in front of us today.

With a cadence that chases the tail of a never-ending exhale, Bunny Lowe exhibits pinpoint precision at her verses before giving it all away on her cataclysmic chorus. Her voice hits like a moonlit drive through a tunnel, preserved in the secretive echos that haunt her atmosphere. With riffs that ricochet in a tug of war match against themselves, soft cymbal crescendos, and hollowed out ambiance, this track will hit you in the pit of your stomach and leave you breathless. It’s as if Mazzy Star went retro and rage all at once. Not only does she have an impeccable track record behind her, Bunny Lowe also has the irreproducible gift of knowing exactly who she is as an artist – and you should too.

Produced By

Jacob Munk

Release Date

July 26, 2023


Red Bank, New Jersey

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