ROREY is cutting edge with the sharpest scissors, giving us a grimacingly vivid look inside her reflective world with latest EP Apt 7D. Darkly saccharine reverbs, blurry sonics, and hyperactive riffs melt together over ROREY’s canvas. She will paint you a city skyline sunset clouded with ideas of impending adulthood, still fixated on all the colors of her present golden hour. Closing track “Mirror” will stay stuck on you like wild sap with a tidal vocal that plunges the depths of ROREY’s inner psyche. Press play on any one of these 6 tracks and she’ll have you caught in her rifftide.

ROREY is a fresh face in the New York indie pantheon. She’s a seasoned guitarist with roots stemming back to childhood. At only 23, a bright future beams for ROREY and if it sounds anything like Apt 7D, I’ll be listening…

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Release Date

June 30, 2023


New York

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