Hold On

Foxtide is what happens when jazz kids grow up at the epicenter of a West Coast house show renaissance. With roots grasping to their jazz backgrounds and garage rock muses, and branches that unavoidably grow toward San Diego’s raw coastal sound, Foxtide is a chemical cataclysm of many movements – but still, remain entirely themselves.

Their new single “Hold On” is one that’s been teased for a minute now. If you’re one of the undyingly loyal fans who’s been surfing their live circuit, you’ve already heard it. Foxtide has always given that gift to their tried-and-true listeners, letting them in on the secret before it’s out and building momentum from the inside. “Hold On” gives us pavement-pounding riffs, intense plunges of bass, and crushing percussion. More than anything though, it gives you a starkly blunt, unforgettably rebellious vocal from lead singer Elijah Gibbins Croft.

Rather than forgetting about the backyard crowds that built them, Foxtide is making fans a critical part of their ever-evolving story and vision. “Hold On” sounds like an echo from the garage this band grew up jamming in, laced with newfound fire and fury to make you listen.

Produced By

Elijah Gibbins Croft

Release Date

July 26, 2023


San Diego, CA

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