Mali Velasquez

A few years back, it was very common for us to cover an entire rollout from artists. We’ve strayed away from that recently, trying to do a proper introduction to an artist with a debut release, but Mali Velasquez has me back in our old ways. Last month, we highlight Mali’s debut single “Tore”, and I’m back four weeks later to share some words on “Bobby”. Again produced by Josef Kuhn, the production is absolutely stunning for an indie rock track and the vocal performance and writing on the song are just so gripping. The song was originally written about the loss of her mother, and with that context, you’ll definitely feel something from this one. Her debut album I’m Green is due in October, and with each pre-release single, the anticipation grows on this end.

Produced By

Josef Kuhn

Release Date

April 15, 2023


Nashville, Tennessee

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