Poor Madeline

The power of Tik Tok prevails again. Back in April, Pennsylvania native DAFFO propped up the phone, sat on their bed to passionately sing and strum along a song originally penned a couple years prior. The song titled after and inspired by children’s book legend “Madeline” quickly caught the algorithm bug and led fans on a 4 month plus journey of begging and pestering for the studio version to be released. And a couple weeks ago the hungry mouths were fed with the release of “Poor Madeline”

Alt-folk is perhaps the best umbrella genre term for DAFFO’s music, but calling their sound simply that is an understatement. There’s so much depth included within just one sectional, distinct, and incredible song, blurring lines in not only in type of music, but cadence, lyricism and more. A cry for help that yearns of sympathy, and a chant of over-honesty “Poor Madeline” is brooding with authenticity and relatability. A vocal tone that I have never heard, supports not only the drought Madeline is undergoing through the lyrics, but the backdrop of incredible guitars, and drums. DAFFO makes it seem easy, but that’s the hardest part, and something musicians spend their whole life trying to achieve; effortlessness and uniqueness. With their streams and social following growing rapidly by the day, we’re excited to follow along with where the journey leads from here.

@daffoband have any of u read those madeline childrens books, i love those #folk #bigthief #behindthesong #indie #elliottsmith ♬ original sound – daffo

Produced By

Hudson Pollock & DAFFO

Release Date

September 14, 2023


Philadelphia, PA

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