Babe City (fka Mia Tims)

It’s so easy to get light, indie rock wrong in the age of digital recording. Mia Tims doesn’t. “Lucky” is only Tims’ second single, and features the sonic equivalent of the Northern Lights-glossy, bright, sparkly, and starkly different from its surroundings.

To make a song about wanting someone or something bad, but not getting it, isn’t a new concept to any genre, however, Tims lyrical brevity to it feels only minutes old. Mia’s layers of luminous vocals in breakdowns juxtapose the live drums that give you the sense of her inner monologue of frustration.

Her satire throughout the song doesn’t feel corny, it feels like a genuine cry for help. Her authenticity shines through in “Lucky,” and the production is her best friend (literally). Her take on the bubblegum grunge genre feels like a summer-y nostalgia. As Mia continues to play live in NYC, and release new music, we can’t wait to watch her grow to be the fresh face of indie.

Produced By

Theo Hoffstrom & Babe City

Release Date

March 22, 2023


Long Island, NY

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