Reuben Aziz
find u

In today’s day and age, one could argue that the most essential skill to being an artist is understanding short form content. So much of the appeal of a song goes beyond the music and more into the world-building aspect of it, and it’s become apparent that UK-based artist Reuben Aziz has mastered the art of a creating moody, aesthetic 15-second videos. Garnering hundreds of thousands of views on multiple videos along with 8,000 videos made to the sound before even releasing the song, his numbers are set to rocket.

However with all that being said, Reuben Aziz is a lot more than just a TikTok artist – this newest song “find u” is perfectly introverted and continuously catchy. He falls perfectly in line with this interesting recent wave of indie leaning R&B right now with up-and-coming artists like Karri, Julian Dysart, and cr0bb gaining traction on tracks laced with sparse acoustic instrumentation and sample-esque vocals. And while right now he’s just sitting at 14k monthly listeners, you can definitely count on that number to grow.

Produced By

Reuben Aziz

Release Date

April 6, 2023


London, UK

Spotify Monthly Listeners


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