Isabella Lovestory – Tranki

While not exactly a completely new name, she’s new to our pages and Isabella Lovestory is just the type of artist with an enigmatic sound and the poise and style to be a star. So we had to stop in our tracks and cover her, especially with how nuts her newest summer smash “Tranki” is.

It’s a tough song to corner with words and genres but Isabella comes with a spark of perreo-pop yet ultimately this new one is industrial and hyperpop inspired maybe more than anything else. And it’s almost fully in Spanish, aside for a little spanglish. But the song’s so gripping sonically that it truly doesn’t matter if you speak Japanese, English or Spanish, this song is going to leave it’s mark.

With an ear popping catalog outside of “Tranki” and a story to be told, with roots starting in Honduras, Isabella Lovestory is someone you’ll want to keep close tabs on.

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